Regulation Negotiation Role-Play: Carson Extension

TitleRegulation Negotiation Role-Play: Carson Extension
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1985
AuthorsGoo, H, Susskind, L
KeywordsCarson Extension, Carson Extension - Mediated Version, coalition, interests, mediated, negotiate, negotiation, negotiations, PON

Six-party, three-issue negotiation among a landowner and representatives of an engineering firm, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, town council, and environmental interests over cost and timing of removal of an unauthorized extension of property into a river

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Carson Rug Company is a middle-sized, family owned business located in Garth, along the Melrose River. Carson applied for an Army Corps of Engineers permit to construct a seawall extending into the Melrose River. After this application was denied, Caron’s second application, specifying a considerable smaller extension, was approved. However, the actual modifications nearly doubled the size of the authorized seawall fill. Carson contends that the noncompliance was unintentional and blames the engineering firm for misinterpreting instructions.

Representatives from the Army Corps, Garth Town Council, Hills Engineering, an environmental group, and the president of Carson Rug must negotiate the removal of the seawall fill in a manner that is agreeable to all.