Public Dispute Negotiation Role-Play: Managing Growth in Rockville

TitlePublic Dispute Negotiation Role-Play: Managing Growth in Rockville
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsCiccarelli, A, Susskind, L
Keywordsagreement, alliance, BATNA, batnas, Carson Extension, conflict, conflicts, consensus, Development Dispute at Menehune Bay, dispute, dispute resolution center, ground rules, hitana, Hitana Bay Development Simulation, HNI, interests, mediated, mediating, mediation, mediation process, mediator, negotiate, Negotiated Development in Redstone, negotiating, negotiation, negotiation technique, negotiation techniques, negotiations, zero-sum

Seven-person, multi-issue mediation among business, planning, environmental, and agricultural interests regarding growth management and comprehensive planning

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Over the past few years, the City of Rockville has undergone a period of significant growth, resulting in steadily decreasing unemployment and a high rate of immigration from other areas. Even greater levels of immigration are predicted over the next two to three years. Consequently, housing demand now surpasses supply and developers have begun purchasing large tracts of agricultural and forest land at the urban fringe in order to convert them for residential purposes. Already, a number of scattered residential developments have appeared. In addition, a representative of a regional “Superstore” has recently made inquiries about purchasing several tracts of property just outside of Rockville. It is predicted that a large scale commercial enterprise will soon be opening in the vicinity.

After extensive community-wide debate, the current Mayor of Rockville (Mayor Gale) has concluded that Rockville is in urgent need of a ‘master plan’ to guide sustainable growth. A number of groups have come forward to present their ideas on how (if at all) future growth should be managed. Unfortunately, no real progress has been made. As a result, Mayor Gale has retained the services of the nearby university’s dispute resolution center for the purpose of helping the community come to some consensus. Invited stakeholder representatives include an environmental lobby group, the alliance of local home builders, an association representing small business, the farming community, a town planner and a representative of the incoming ‘superstore’.