Public Dispute Negotiation Role-Play: Humboldt Mediating a Regional Development Dispute

TitlePublic Dispute Negotiation Role-Play: Humboldt Mediating a Regional Development Dispute
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1985
AuthorsSusskind, L
Keywordsagency, agreement, agreements, bluffing, brainstorming, Carson Extension, claiming value, coalition, consensus, consensus building, contingent agreement, cooperative, dispute, environmental dispute resolution, interests, legitimacy, mediated, mediating, mediation, mediator, negotiate, negotiating, negotiation, PON, professional mediator, relationship, reservation price, tradeoffs

Eight-person, multi-issue mediation among regional government, environmental, development, and business interests regarding environmental and economic tradeoffs and ethical issues in the development of a manufacturing plant

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Imports Inc, a large multi-national corporation, has recently purchased Smith’s Rollers plant. The new owners want to expand the plant and are considering a site in Milltown on the Humboldt River. Milltown is located in Arcadia — a fictitious western European country. In manufacturing the rollers, the chemical by-product ‘Laminia’ is generated. Although community leaders are enthusiastic about the project and the potential creation of new jobs and economic expansion, there is much concern regarding the long-term effects of the chemical releases. The elected regional Governors of Humboldt have invited seven parties, together with a mediator, to participate in an informal discussion that will cover both environmental and economic issues. There will be two preliminary meetings prior to the main meeting. The first preliminary meeting will include leaders from the Dairy Cooperative, Environmental Action League, and Arcadia Environmental Quality Agency. The second preliminary meeting will involve the Mayor of Milltown, the Director of Economic Development in Humboldt, and the Coordinator of the Business Association will meet to review their mutual concerns. When these six parties come together, the Lawyer from Imports, Inc., in addition to a professional mediator will also be present.