Public Dispute Negotiation Role-Play: Development Dispute at Menehune Bay

TitlePublic Dispute Negotiation Role-Play: Development Dispute at Menehune Bay
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1986
AuthorsSusskind, L, Dinell, T, Shook, V
Keywordsagreement, bargaining, coalition, consensus, consensus building, dispute, environmental dispute resolution, facilitator, integrative bargaining, interests, mediating, mediation, mediator, negotiate, negotiation, negotiations, PON

Six-party, multi-issue, facilitated negotiation of a dispute over environmental issues, native rights, and commercial development interests in Hawaii

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The Queen Malia Estate has entered into an agreement with the Elima Iki Development Company (EIDC) for the leasing of 500 acres of land around Menehune Bay in Hawaii. EIDC is planning a world-class resort for the site – including eight hotels, two golf courses, recreational clubs, and private condominium units. The project has support from the business and construction community on the island but faces opposition from environmental groups and local residents. The Mayor has remained fairly noncommittal about the project, and feels that a number of questions must be answered before he can decide on the proposal. He has invited designated representatives from the six groups most interested in the project to serve on a Special Advisory Committee, indicating that if five of the six groups can reach an agreement, he will go along with their recommendations.