Multiparty Negotiation

TitleMultiparty Negotiation
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsSusskind, L, Crump, L
PublisherSAGE Publications
ISBN Number978-1412948128
Keywordsdispute resolution, international, law, multiparty, Multiparty negotiation, negotiation, organization, politics, public, transactions

Multiparty negotiation is a rapidly developing but complex field whose literature is scattered across a broad range of disciplines and sources. This four-volume collection consolidates this knowledge by bringing together classic works and cutting-edge papers from law, international politics, organization studies and public administration.

Volume One: Multiparty Negotiation: An Introduction to Theory and Practice

Volume Two: Public Dispute Resolution

Volume Three: Organizational and Group Negotiations

Volume Four: Complex Legal Transactions and International Negotiations