International Relations Negotiation Role-Play: Water on the West Bank

TitleInternational Relations Negotiation Role-Play: Water on the West Bank
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1988
AuthorsPodziba, S, Susskind, L
Keywordsbargaining, BATNA, Clearinghouse, coalition, cross cultural negotiation, cross cultural negotiations, cultural negotiation, dispute, integrative bargaining, interests, mediation, mediator, middle east negotiations, negotiation, negotiation strategies, negotiations, PON, program on negotiation, relationship, water negotiations

Seven-person, four-issue mediation among three Israeli water authority and regional representatives and three Palestinian water authority and political representatives over plans to drill a new well on the West Bank.

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An Israeli water company has announced plans to drill new well on the West Bank which would pump 18 million cubic meters of water each year. According to plans, about 70% of the water would be consumed by residents of Jerusalem and Jewish settlements, whilst only about 30% would be allocated to Palestinian communities. The project is controversial because it threatens to deplete an existing well used by Arab communities in the area. The simulation is loosely based on an actual proposal to drill a deep water well near Bethlehem.