Het Kan Wel!

TitleHet Kan Wel!
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsEvers, F, Susskind, L

Het kan wel! draws from the rich practical experiences of Frans Evers with negotiations on Dutch spatial development projects using the Mutual Gains Approach (MGA) that Professor Lawrence Susskind, as Vice-Chair of inter-university Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School, has co-developed. 

The Mutual Gains Approach (also called a win-win approach) provides space for creative policy and decision making that takes into account all social interests. Stakeholders will be given the opportunity to bring forward their interests, ideas and objections from the very beginning. This process is designed in such a way that solutions are developed where each party benefits. The developments can be done quickly and with great support and do not bother with outsiders who use their obstacle to slow down. 

The book is based on Lawrence Susskind's Breaking Robert's Rules. The decision-making on major area development is based on twelve exemplary projects, ranging from the Second Maasvlakte and the layout of the area between Almere and Schiphol / Amsterdam to spatial developments in the Bulb region and the combination of nature and industry in Woensdrecht.