Global Treaty-Making Negotiation Role-Play: Computer Waste Policy Simulation

TitleGlobal Treaty-Making Negotiation Role-Play: Computer Waste Policy Simulation
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsSusskind, L
Keywordshitana, Hitana Bay Development Simulation, interests, negotiation, PON

Ten-party, multi-issue chaired policy dialogue among government, environmental, and industry representatives in the fictional nation of Sweland over reform of the country's waste policies, in effort to gain membership in the "European Trade Area"

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This simulation takes place in the European Union in the near future. The EU has prohibited the disposal of personal computers in landfills. It has also required that individual countries develop ‘producer-responsibility’ policies for electronic waste management. Several European and North American countries have already implemented such policies.

The development of a producer responsibility policy is a high priority for Sweland, a country that wants to join the fictional European Trade Area. The deadline for the formal application to join the ETA is only three months away, and Sweland must come up with a sustainable electronic waste policy by then.

Sweland has several major regional and national stakeholder groups that might be affected by a change in electronic waste policy. Sweland’s Environment Ministry has called a “Round Table” meeting of ten such stakeholder representatives.