Environmental Problem-Solving – A Video-Enhanced Self-Instructional e-Book from MIT

TitleEnvironmental Problem-Solving – A Video-Enhanced Self-Instructional e-Book from MIT
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsSusskind, L, Verdini, B, Gordon, J, Zaerpoor, Y
PublisherAnthem Press
ISBN Number9781783087020

An online, self-paced curriculum for learning the basic techniques government agencies, citizen action groups, corporations and research institutions use to solve pressing environmental problems.

The book is divided into four sections: The first section focuses on how certain environmental problems can only be solved through active government effort to implement policies that effectively take science and politics into account empowering readers to develop, through exercises and videos, a solid framework to shape an action plan to solve specific environmental problems. The next section focuses on formulating a sound philosophical basis for taking action in environmental problem solving situations. Through exercises and videos, readers will be able to take a stand on these debates, drawing on practical cases with worked examples. The penultimate section helps environmental practitioners understand how to use various analytical tools empowering readers to practice multi-party environmental problem-solving, and to identify the power of each tool to enhance environmental problem-solving, developing the judgment to enumerate strengths and weaknesses as they see them playing out in practice. The concluding section is a survey of the theory and practice behind mobilizing support for particular problem-solving ideas.