Environment and Sustainability Negotiation Role-Play: DirtyStuff II

TitleEnvironment and Sustainability Negotiation Role-Play: DirtyStuff II
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1991
AuthorsLitwak, J, Susskind, L
Keywordsagency, agreement, agreements, bluffing, Carson Extension, coalition, competition, consensus, consensus building, contingent agreement, cooperation, dispute, facilitator, HNI, mediation, Multiparty negotiation, negotiate, negotiating, negotiation, negotiations, negotiator, PON, relationship, teflex, Teflex Products

Six-person, multi-issue facilitated negotiation among industry, environmental, consumer/community, labor, and government representatives to develop single-text regulation of toxic industrial by-product

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Dirty Stuff is an industrial by-product of a large number of industrial processes that has recently found to have harmful health side-effects. A first meeting was convened at which a representative from environmental organizations, labor unions, industry groups, community groups and consumer groups would attend in order to discuss how Dirty Stuff is to be regulated. This meeting ended abruptly and in a highly emotional and hostile fashion – a fact which has become reported in the press. A second meeting has been convened and the various factions have agreed to enlist the help of a facilitator. The goal of the upcoming second meeting is to revise the proposed rule regarding the production and use of Dirty Stuff. This will be published in The Federal Register.