Corporate Decision-Making Negotiation Role-Play: Ad Sales, Inc.

TitleCorporate Decision-Making Negotiation Role-Play: Ad Sales, Inc.
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1985
AuthorsSusskind, L
Keywordsanchoring, bargaining, BATNA, bluffing, coalition, collective bargaining, Collective Bargaining at Central Division, Collective Bargaining at Southern Express, conflict, conflicts, consensus, consensus building, contract negotiation, contract negotiations, Happy Valley Consolidated School District/AFTEA Labor-Management Committee Meeting, interests, MAPO--Administration Negotiation, mutual gain, mutual gains, negotiate, negotiation, negotiations, PON, Salary Negotiation, tactics

Six-party, multi-issue contract negotiation between management and union members of a publishing firm

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Ad Sales, Inc., a firm that sells advertising space in business publications, has a new management team that will negotiate its first contract with the union representing its employees. Tension has been building, and both sides have been maneuvering for strategic advantage. Some issues to be addressed are salary, vacation time, pensions, sub-contracting, compensation, and work assignments.