Community Dispute Negotiation Role-Play: Beaumont Incinerator Exercise

TitleCommunity Dispute Negotiation Role-Play: Beaumont Incinerator Exercise
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsHaywood, M, Susskind, L
KeywordsADR, coalition, consensus, consensus building, howard raiffa, Lawrence Susskind, negotiation, PON, Siting an Asphalt Plant in the City of Madrona

Six-party task force negotiation regarding the application of environmental policy to the operation of an incinerator in a racially diverse community

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The operation of an incinerator near a racially diverse community in a small, financially depressed town is the focus of debate in this exercise. As members of a “task force,” participants must formulate an action plan to address charges of unfairness in the implementation of environmental policy. The exercise asks what are “valid” grounds for claims of environmental justice, who has a right to make such charges, and to what degrees remedies should acknowledge issues of race and class.