Business and Commercial Dispute Negotiation Role-Play: Flagship Airways

TitleBusiness and Commercial Dispute Negotiation Role-Play: Flagship Airways
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1993
AuthorsMoore, P, Movius, H, Susskind, L
Keywordsagreement, cultural negotiation, external negotiations, flagship airways, interests, internal negotiation, internal negotiations, negotiation, negotiations, negotiator, negotiators, PON, relationship, trust

Six-person, four-issue negotiation between three representatives of an industrial manufacturer and three representatives of its primary client over restructuring of an existing purchase agreement

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Three years ago Flagship Airways signed a ten-year, $1 billion contract with Eureka Aircraft Engines. Since then, things have changed for both Flagship and Eureka. Flagship’s revenues have steadily decreased and they are now reluctant to put forth $1 billion to expand. Meanwhile, Eureka’s development of its “revolutionary” engine has not proved as efficient as Eureka had hoped. Today, at Flagship’s request, the two companies are meeting to discuss how to restructure the agreement. This is not an unprecedented procedure. The two companies have met in the past to restructure deals when circumstances have changed significantly for either party. In their negotiation, there is a great deal of data to be managed by both parties. There is also a longstanding relationship between the two lead negotiators for each side. Each must decide how to secure the best deal for his/her respective company, while maintaining their relationship. Each must also build trust within his/her team to make sure that the terms agreed upon are acceptable to all.