Current Courses

  • 11.601: Introduction to Environmental Policy & Planning
  • 11.255: Negotiation and Dispute Resolution in the Public Sector
  • 11.382: Water Diplomacy
  • 11.384 (Fall) Malaysia Sustainable Cities Practicum
  • 11.385(IAP) Malaysia Sustainable Cities Practicum
  • 11.386(Spring) Malaysia Sustainable Cities Practicum
  • MIT Professional Education: Entrepreneurial Negotiation:  The MIT Way
  • 11.S952/STL.162X Socially-Responsible Real Estate Development: Learning to Use Impact Assessment Tools Effectively
  • Program on Negotiation: Masters’ Class in Negotiation
  • Harvard Negotiation Institute: Advanced Mediation Course


Recent Practice

  • MIT-Malaysia Sustainable Cities Partnership
  • MIT-Harvard Law Mexico Negotiation Program
  • Public Engagement in Climate Adaptation Planning in Cambridge, MA
  • Hydropower Conflicts in Southern Chile MISTI (MIT Science and Technology Initiative) with Universidad Austral de Chile (UACh)
  • Socially Responsible Real Estate Development (in China and Malaysia)
  • Water Diplomacy Workshop
  • Arctic Fisheries Devising Seminar
  • OECD: Mediation of Corporate Social Responsibility Challenges to Multinational Corporations

Current Research

  1. Entrepreneurial negotiation
  2. Building consensus on local, state and national adaptive responses to the risks posed by climate change
  3. Strategies for encouraging greater reliance on renewable energy
  4. Water diplomacy on the Nile and the Ganges
  5. Defending critical urban infrastructure against cyber-attack
  6. Water Cut-offs in Older American Cities

Forthcoming Publications

  • Environmental Problem Solving, Anthem Press, 2017
    • Lawrence Susskind, Bruno Verdini, Jessica Gordon and Yasmin Zaerpoor
  • Entrepreneurial Negotiations: The Big Negotiation Mistakes that Entrepreneurs Make and How They Can Be Avoided
    • Lawrence Susskind, Samuel Dinnar (in preparation)