Current Courses

  • 11.601: Introduction to Environmental Policy & Planning
  • 11.255: Negotiation and Dispute Resolution in the Public Sector
  • 11.159/11.259 (Fall and Spring) Entrepreneurial Negotiation
  • 11.274/11.074 (Fall and Spring) Cybersecurity Clinic
  • MIT Online
  • Edx: Socially Responsible Real Estate Development
  • MITx: Cybersecurity for Critical Urban Infrastructure
  • MITxPRO: Negotiating to Create Value: The Mutual Gains Approach
  • MITxPRO: Health Care Negotiations: Better Outcomes for Sales Professionals
  • MITxPRO: Negotiating and Applying Influence and Power
  • Program on Negotiation: Masters’ Class in Negotiation (Fall and Spring)
  • Program on Negotiation: Leadership and Negotiation (Spring)
  • Harvard Negotiation Institute: Advanced Mediation Course (June)


Recent Practice

  • Cybersecurity for Critical Urban Infrastructure
  • Siting of Renewable Energy Facilities (US and Mexico)
  • Science Diplomacy (with UNITAR)
  • Public Engagement in Climate Adaptation Planning
  • Socially-Responsible Real Estate Development (in China and Malaysia)
  • Advanced Negotiation Instruction for the U.S. Foreign Service Institute
  • Arctic Fisheries Devising Seminar
  • Malaysia Sustainable Cities Program
  • OECD: Mediation of Corporate Social Responsibility Challenges to Multinational Corporations

Current Research

  1. The water shut-off crisis in older American cities
  2. Cybersecurity and AI: Protecting critical urban infrastructure
  3. Building consensus on local, state and national adaptive responses to the risks posed by climate change
  4. Overcoming the opposition to the siting of renewable energy facilities
  5. Transboundary water diplomacy and the world’s great rivers
  6. Defending critical urban infrastructure against cyber-attack